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Read Baby Read!!

With so much going on in the world right now, finding different ways to keep our children busy and active can be challenging for some of us. Walks around the neighborhood can be fun, until it becomes too hot. Having water play is cool, until the mosquitoes start biting. Even playing board games with the family can lose its interest when one starts to cry cause they’re not the one winning. However, reading and learning never gets old! Reading is fundamental! Which means, there is so much to know and learn that a person can do it everyday. The only way to become bored of reading is if you are tired of learning. No one should ever get tired of knowing what is and Educating themselves. There are plenty of books in our home for the boys to read and learn. In fact, our children would probably prefer going to school then to be home with their mom who works in Education and studies it as well. I can be pretty hard on them when it comes to learning and growing. By no means do I pressure them into doing things they do want to do but, if a child can play a video game for hours a day they can read for an hour a day as well. The Education is free and the greatest gift anyone can give themselves, so why not take advantage of that?! Tell those babies to Read Baby Read!


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