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There is no "gray area" when it comes to shades of grey, with a pop of color.

Updated: May 27, 2019

The best part about this room has always been the grey shaggy rug. Its soft and fluffy feel will put every part of you to sleep. The rug is a beautiful component to have, but those three nice even size pictures are what brings it all together. The pictures sitting directly above the couch, includes all of the different color schemes that are being brought together in this room, they are a great addition to this living area. There is also a mid size mirror hidden away in the corner, this is great for last minutes "look ups" for the late night dates with your spouse or even company who want to check their look. The mirror give the room a more modern feel especially, with the huge vases alongside it. The green in this room is more of an earth tone lime green and so is the purple ( some of it). Which is makes it so much more easier to pair with the Grey and also easy on the eyes. it is so easy to be overwhelmed by the loudness of colors.

My family and I love this room, our couch is comfy yet stylish. When decorating, I have to keep in mind that I am the only female in the house. Therefore, everything is made to be comfortable enough to lounge, but stylish enough to respect and take care of.


Couch- $500 local furniture store

Rug- $300 At Home Store

Pictures- Less than $50 (for all 3) Ross Store

Mirror- $60 Kirklands

Ottoman's $80 each At Home Store

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