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Make every minute count!

So a few days ago I shared something with the world that is truly special to me! More than a year ago, I decided to produce something I knew other moms like me could use for themselves "A Lifestyle Planner". Now, during this time I was pregnant with baby number FOUR, working, going to school, I also had my wifely duties to attend to as well as other things. Therefore, I am always being asked "how I make the time" "when do I have the time" or "how I manage everything into 24 hours". Honestly, all I can say is I BELIEVE I CAN! I think I can achieve anything I want so I do not allow anything to hold me back no matter what. I find time to get things done in the craziest of places. This may be a little T.M.I. but I would write up plans for this planner when I would take trips to the restroom. I would take advantage of long drives on days I had homework to complete. I would study in the dining room while I would have dinner cooking on the stove. Sometimes, I might stay up late to get in some quality adult time with my man. Sleep was not and has not been a priority of mine for a very long time, at least not the 8 hours I am advised to get. All I know is to figure things out and to make it work. Please don't get me wrong and think I am telling you to miss out on sleep, work non stop, or anything else I am just telling you my journey and the way I do things. Which is not always right, sometimes things can suffer. I can give way too much energy to certain things and not have enough left or give off the wrong energy to what really matters, which is never ok. Learn how to balance it all, it doesn't hurt to take a load off and enjoy the people around you. However, don't stop doing what God has called you to do just because you have a family, a job, or whatever don't ever give up on yourself or your dreams. JUST MAKE IT WORK!

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