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"let them kids be kids"

Have you ever heard the saying "kids will be kids" or "let them kids be kids"?! Well, I think i can speak for a multitude of us when I say that can be a little hard sometimes. I know sometimes, I want to respond to my children as if they were adults or even make them view things as an adult. Truthfully, it does not work that way. Children are suppose to behave has children, they should be treated as children and they should be expected to behave as children. As a child, I was always told to "stay in a child's place" or "stay a kid as long as a I am allowed". And now I see why I was told such things, adulting is hard work, mommin is hard work, parenting is hard work! So our children should be encouraged to "stay in a child's place" as my mama and aunties would always say. I see many moms/parents becoming frustrated with their child(ren) behavior a lot because they expect them to "know better" or be more "mature". But why? If you really think about a child's place is to go to school,play, do homework, play, complete chores, play, be respectful but also PLAY. No matter what they may have to do, they should always have some play time because that's just what kids do. It is something they all look forward to. As a parent you cannot expect a child to behave like a child if they are constantly being thrown into grown up situations. In no way am I making a judgement call, I am just simply stating a fact. The fact is, children should be able to enjoy their youth, they should be able laugh, joke, play and have fun because that;s what child is expected to do. Their responsibility is not to take care or teach themselves, but to be teachable, respectful and responsible for getting their education while in school. So moms please do not freak out or overthink things when your child is not mature as the next and they are still preteens, or if your child chooses to play Madden over tackle football let them, and if your daughter wants to baggy clothes instead of the matching set you bought her allow her to be who she wants. Allow them to be children, come into their, play how they want and dress how they feel (sometimes). Don't push them into growing up too fast and don't drive yourself crazy thinking it should be another way and isn't.



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