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Sometimes babies can be a MESS, an unbothered messy mess.

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

If you walked into a room to see your 5 month old covered in mess while sitting with daddy, as if nothing is wrong how would you react? My reaction was loud and concerned meanwhile, he was still his happy self and daddy did not have a clue. As his mother, I was freaking out! Until, I realized just how calm baby boy was, he was fine, he was dirty but he was just fine. Sometimes, as moms we can take small things and make them bigger than what they are. Which causes us to freak out or worry about things that are fixable. He was the one sitting in mess, but I was the only one it affected. In a strange way I fell as though he knew all he had to do was get cleaned up and everything would be ok. In a moment of mess he was still cool, calm, and cute. I learned something in that very moment. As long as I can clean whatever mess I am in and get out of it, I don't have to worry or freak out every time it gets messy.

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