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Updated: May 19, 2020

So, as I was sitting here taking inventory of products for my company. I thought to myself, what if we took inventory in our lives once in a while?! Like what if we sat down every so often to take notes of what we have or do not have within ourselves and lives. Maybe if we started taking self note of what we actually have, what's being removed and what we need to recover things wpuke go a lot smoother. We could potentially spend less money and spend more time, preserve greater energy, attract the right people, achieve greater goals and just become a better version of self. I mean just think about it, you can't really know what is missing if you do not know what you want. Take out a clip board, notebook, pen or pencil and write down all the things you have in life that you can actually call your own, and write down all the things you want then create a plan to get them. Make sure to take note of all things being subtracted from you daily, then figure out a way to preserve whatever it may be If needed. As women we tend to allow ourselves to be spread too thin, then we have no energy to do things for ourselves or have anything left to give to US. Just because we have kids, careers, spouses, extracurricular activities and so on does not mean we should not pursue our own goals. Change the narrative, eliminate, and improve! Knowing what we do and do not have, will allow us to make room for things we want to have in our lives. I'm not telling you to over do it or over book yourselves, but start an inventory of you life to add and subtract things in your life. You will feel so much better knowing you're not wasting time, and you are achieving great things and more. It is helpful to write things down because it will be a constant day to day reminder of what you have, what you do not want and what you need to add. Inventory means to create a complete list of items such as property, GOODS in stock, or the contents of a building. Emphasis on Goods because once you take inventory you should only keep whats good for you and what is good in your life. Eliminate any bad habits, things that mean you know good, or does not help you achieve the goals you set forth. So this week I challenge you to start taking inventory of your life and see what changes take place. Once you do please send me emails, dm's, comments and such letting me know what changes were made and how it affects your daily life.

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