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First Birthday Privileges!

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

On October 23, 2019 our baby boy made it through his first year, of being passed around, tugged on, hugged on, kissed on, stared at, smiled at and loved on. He is such a joy to have, so for his first birthday we gave him a huge celebration that he probably will not ever forget because he does not remember it in the first place. Now, I pride myself on being one of those moms who does not believe in throwing money away because it is there. Usually, I am the frugal one who is cautious about what is being spent. However, on this particular weekend I spared no expense like I intended to do. I was overly excited and let the planning get the best of me. Everything was over the top and money was being dished out for every little thing. I did what most parents do with their first child with my fourth child, I should've known better because I learned my lesson a long time ago. Although, everyone around us was having a great time, enjoying food, festivities, party favors and more. My son desperately needed a nap, he did not jump in the bouncy house we rented because he was too small and barely ate any of the food. The party I had planned for him was for him, but he wasn't the one getting all of the enjoyment out of it. He was getting tired of all the photos and being held by all of our guest. All he really cared for was for mommy or daddy to hold him and play with him. I am sure he will look back at all of those pictures we took one day and live through those moments, so I am grateful for the memories created. All I am saying is huge-expensive parties for your little ones are really not necessary. Save yourself some time and money, give them a cupcake and some gifts to unwrap.

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