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Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Who doesn't like a good plate of tasteful food. #Soulfood #Foodie

Eating is good for the SOUL! At least, that's what I've always been told. A couple weeks ago, we decided to be brave and use our God given talents to start up a mini side hustle in hopes of this turning into one of our newest business ventures. Cooking is something we do often in our home! Need I remind you, there are 5 men in my home, well my hubby and 4 boys so meals have to big BIG and HEARTY each and every day. Food is a big deal in our house, we all love to EAT! So we decided to share our experiences with those around us, so they could experience food filled with love and flavor. We call it SOUL FOOD SATURDAY and it has been a success. Although, everyone has been loving the food thus far I am open to all feedback both good and bad. I believe there is always room for growth to perfect your craft. If you are in an area near us, check us out and get to experience SOULFOOD SATURDAY.

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